Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jewish Leaders Part II

In a previous post, I mentioned my frustration with some American-Jewish leaders who knowingly disseminate false information when discussing Obama's views on Israel and the Middle East conflict. Well, The Jewish Alliance for Change, a group that formed during the 2008 campaign, seems to share my frustration. In response, they have started their own fact-checking website to take on these myths. Here's how they describe their new role:
"Enough is enough! Reprising our role during the election, the Jewish Alliance for Change announces a new "Obama Middle East Myths and Facts" site which debunks, on an ongoing basis, the most frequently heard smears and calumnies deployed against President Obama and his bold effort to achieve a new beginning in the Middle East."

I can't speak for their veracity, but certainly hope that their efforts bring some needed nuance to the discussion.

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